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Lisa poking sucking or fucking a poor tweeny maid at every opportunity tests the Mistress.   With Maid Jane in charge for the day anything could happen, but even Ms Silk was taken by surprise   Afternoon tea on the patio in a beautiful English garden, of course things are never what they seem!   The dazzling Mistress Silk engaging in her favourite pastime, wearing sexy expensive lingerie.
a girls night out   satin basque   back to the future   sissy maid in stocks
Wrapped in cling film, Jane is then tied & bound in leather to wait for her frustrated Mistress's return.   How would you like to be bent over my knee sissy boy? Feel my silky stockings on your satin dress   A girl is always being tested in the Silk household and woe betide any girl forgetting their curtseys...   Mistress Maria invites Maids Jane and Jenni for the weekend, the girls leave totally exhausted!
satin corsets stockings   Mistress Annabelle   pvc sissy maid   pony boy
This naughty maid is sent to the corner until a suitable punishment is found, recognize the lingerie?!!   An old talented friend calls, and surprises Jane by proving she is no fly by night amateur Mistress.   Sissy Celestine is put through her paces and taught how to use the infamous pussy pleaser   Horsing around is a Mistress's favourite pastime,after inspection the horse is then made to perform.
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Maid Jane shows off her new boobies as she tries on Mrs Silk lingerie, then the real fun starts...   Silk's and satins galore. I show you around my boudoir in London. Beautiful satins & silks.   The Mistresses giggling at Maid Jenni who turned scarlet when she found the double ended dildo.   The Countess and her simpering husband invite me over, I suspect just for the use of my sissy maids!
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I love the dressing service. Mistress Maria and I get carte blanche with the most stunning girls. Wish it was you?   Fun with the sheik. A sissy meat market is arranged as the sheick needs more sissys for his harem.   Dressing secrets. I reveal all my tips to transform you into the gorgeous girl you have always yearned for   The harsh Mistress Dior has a day distributing pleasure + pain to the unsuspecting sissy maids.
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Silk's and satins galore. I show you around my boudoir in London. Beautiful satins & silks.   The genital tongs. Always a must for a Mistress. It avoids the need to touch that disgusting peenie.   As head of household Jane is responsible for everything from cleaning to table decorations.   Mistress Kaisha arrived from Russia with such experience she soon became very popular with the girls.
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A girls night out at the house of drag in London. Sometimes you just need to blow of steam and party .   Mrs Silk and gorgeous daughter Victoria,back by popular demand. Real girlie lingerie dressing up.   The converted sissy cellar. What we get up to down here is nobody's business but ours !!   The rack. Sometimes a girl just needs to be taken that little further especially if the peenie starts to get firm.
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More fun as I get a present from my daughter. ANother sissy for service ! I am so spoiled sometimes.   See through pvc a limited edition from Prada. I simply had to buy it. My girls love it   Maid Jenni shines Mistress Maria's PVC dress while Jane watches on helplessly wearing her clitty bag.   Lisa,tanya and Vicki, so many maids so little time for everything mrs silk has in mind them *blush*
masked submissive
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Miss Dior has a secret visitor and does not want Jane to see so she has an interesting way to stop her.   The ultimate submissive offering a maid can make to her Mistress, the shy bride gasps at the size!   The pony boy is finally tamed and gave a great ride to all who mounted him, which were many!   Vicki, Tanya and myself take advantage of Shirley in a day of debauchery.
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Mistress Maria and myself put the house slut Lisa through her paces with this show of frills and lace   PVC Hobble dress,plastic panties and high heels for a days cleaning? Not on Lady Tara's day.   Inspection time for Irene. Al sissys must report to be thoroughly inspected, botties and all.   The Grand National is abandoned and the Mistress has fun riding Jane,with her crop and gag & plug
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Lovely sissy rose buds just ripe for picking. What else have Mrs Silk and her daughter got in mind?   Mistress Kaisha admires her handy work before going onto take full advantage of the girl.   Maid in Heaven. Do not forget girls you too can become part of Mrs Silks household. Email photos to me here   Lost In Translation. Jane ensures that Sissy Celestine from Italy is ready for Mistress Victoria and her toys
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Sissy Enslaved
tranny devotion
In the USA with sissy Paula. I love to feel like Scarlett O Hara in my ball gowns here. Luckily I have Paula to tend to the house.   Maids often get jealous of their Mistresses attention, especially when they get carried away!   Bound by Mistress Victoria. Jane is put through her paces for being disobedient. Mistress Victoria shows her sadistic side   One of my stunning creations. It glistens like the rainbow and makes the divine sound when worn.
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Being served by a devoted sissy is an amazing experience. Pure decadence. So many civilian wives miss out on so much !!   Milking can be messy so a plan is devised enabling Maid Jane to lick any spilt drops up herself.   One of the many girls featured in our 'maid of the month' Have you got what it takes??   Maid To clean toilets? and why not. Mistress Maria always gets the most from her maid.
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Sexual frustration has to be dealt with before the 2 maids can work, so why not deal with each other?   Pony boy. I called him Shergar as he was a thoroughbred. As strong as an ox and I was good in the saddle.   Straighten those seams Paula ! I love to pick out an outfit and be dressed by a maid. But beware I am very meticulous as Paula finds out.   My nephew calls un announced while Victoria and I are enjoying sissy Celestine. It doesn't take long before we have another maid in service.
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mother and daughter
Jane is always a willing part of the christmas festivities, but this is not what she had in mind! Now were all illuminated for Christmas.   Ballet boots for Jane? We simply adore these. I love to string a girl up and watch for hours as there face contorts with the discomfort.   This poor thing came for a dressing service and was de flowered for the first time. Did she come back for more? Oh yes.....   A quiet girlie night in for the lovely Mistress Victoria and Mrs Silk, but it turns out to be anything but quiet
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Erica joins us all the way from Sweden to attend one of my glamorous lunches along with Vicki.   A sissy with serious attitude is not going to escape Mrs Silks diva ways and pays with her dignity.   Serenaded by House maid Millie. After a day of fun I relax in the parlour. I am surprised she can sit !!  
Back in London Irene and Mistress Victoria get together for a day of fun. No maiding for Irene today
mistresses t.v. training
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silky dresses
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A little genital stimulation with holly leaves are amongst the treats the Mistresses have in store   Maid by Irene.Lady Irene shows of her dominant side with this young thing. What they get up to is amazing   Juliette had a special love of ball gowns. Whenever I saw one I would get it especially for her.   Juliette, Jane, Mistress Maria and myself always make a full weekend of Juliette's visit. She is in sissy heaven 24 x 7. What a lucky girl
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Bound for pleasure. Mistress Victoria subjects this thing to an enema and gets all her milk removed all ready for the evening.   Lisa working in the massage parlour has filled her with new talents she is eager to show off.   Red is one of my favourite colour's and I love modeling it for you. Whenever I do a shoot I imagine your there watching me.  
Mistress Maria has a rare streak that only certain dominant women have. She is a natural and toys psychologically with Janes mind.
maids serving mistresses
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Mistress Freda arrives for a glass of champagne just before a game of sissy badminton.   House Lisa prepares Tanya for an evening with me. She pays particular attention to this special area.   The punishment box always rears its head when Lisa comes to stay. For some reason the girl is always full of milk. Do you think its on purpose?   I apply my skills to my nephew "Petra" What will his mother say when she finds out. Glad to have some good help about the house I expect.
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Restraints, ballet boots and my special back board are all in a day's work for a good Mistress... and bad Maids.   The meek and submissive Shirley is led to the dungeon,then spread eagled, ready for the Mistress.   Queen of hearts. We have a day of croquet on the lawn but the maids are our croquet hoops.   Tied and put in stocks to be useful as a lampshade,clothes line and of course the toilet roll dispenser.
mrs silk strapon
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This is one of my favourite looks. I love dressing like this all day especially when I have multiple sissys in service.   No respite for Maid Janes burning bottie, and once caged up her endurance is tested for hours.   Mistress Kaisha practicing on Maid Janes rose bud, ready for the girls final humiliation.   My mother is visiting today and jane has to be on her best behavior. My mother loves these afternoons. Like mother like daughter I suppose
maid strap on mrs silk
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Nothing is more satisfying than picking out an exquisite outfit and being dressed by 2 sissy maids. It could be you in attendance.   Mrs Silk and daughter Victoria. The perfect gift to our loyal followers, seductive photos of both   Beauty and the basque. I receive some beautiful lingerie from one of my admirers and cant resist trying them on immediately.  
Wash day blues for Maid Jane, but it would be a sin to keep a nice girl like her in doors all day.
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Maid Paula, the USA housemaid has neglected her duties and is swiftly packed up and forgotten!   Maid Jane trembling at what she thinks the terrible Mistresses have in store for her later.   The maid samples the Mistress's case contents, by being a guinea pig at the Mistress disposal.   Do four lovely transformed Maids escape trouble when Mistress Maria arrives unexpectedly??
mrs silk tranvestite glamour model
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Harem fun. Sometime we all lose ourselves in a fantasy this was the poor slave girl sold to a beautiful Mistress   This girl has a long way to go until reaching Mrs Silks standards, until then she will be used & punished.   Tampon training is important and every new girl must use them to get nice tight buttocks for Mistress   With a sore bottie the Maid is led to the stocks for further humiliation where she will be for the day.
transforming males into male maids
slutty maids femdom   horse ponyboy strapon   maid on maid strap on   stillettos maid mistress
Senior maid Jane training my tweenie maids. A lot of responsibility comes with this job as the buck stops with Jane.   Waiting for Shergar An evening of horseplay with my pony boy in more ways than one !!   Out at the club. We decide to take my 2 maids out dressed as they would be in service. Humiliating? You decide.   Enter the world of the Mistress Supreme to see how my trainee Mistresses shape up with maids.
maid mistress domination   maid on maid training   maid discipline tranny   mrs silk english mistress
Truly Scrumptious visits us in London for more training. A very submissive creature but also sly as are most maids.  

A fun day with Juliette who had traveled all the way from the USA to be transformed into that special girl Juliette comes for days at a time.

  The cross dressing spectrum. Celestine falls into blue. Find your colour with this helpful guide   Back at my house in the US waiting for my housemaid Paula. The fun is about to start and I cant wait its the best way to beat jet lag.
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Tanya adds a bit of vegas style at a party as a stunning showgirl. Such femininity is rarely seen.   The 3 \mistresses enjoy a game of badminton with there sissys. Maid Jane is transformed into the shuttlecock.   Tanya as glamorous as ever. We go back years and she never disappoints me. No wonder she wins so many competitions   Preparation for a dinner party. Guests are not told of my lifestyle just thrown in the deep end. None are disappointed (especially the males).
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Once transformed some girls never want to leave. They beg to stay in service. Some are luckier than others.   keeping a household and 3 hoses is a full time job. I couldn't do it without my sissys. Jane is the back bone of the house.   A very naughty little thing we called truly scrumptious. A friend of my daughters who had a love of all things feminine.   Petra and Trish, 2 beautiful young sissys entertain me for the evening while fitting in some "other" chores
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In her London residence Mrs Silk tries out some new exciting looks for her many social nights out+in!   A napping Jane -in the Mistresses lingerie was dealt with swiftly the only way possible!   Irene arrives back from John Lewis's with my shopping. As it just round the corner she is now a familiar face (especially at the lingerie department)   A nervous maid is sent to help Mistress Maria and Lady Tara, and she's no idea what's in store!
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When decadent Mistress Maria fancies a change what a shock for the maid who's heard but not seen   Do not forget my sweet sissy girls, that the dressing service is open to deal with any of your requests.   A Halloween trick is played on an innocent guest, who is mercilessly abused whilst unconscious..   Mistress Silk displaying her charms in her new range of USA lingerie, just for you lovely girls.
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Champagne + naughty thoughts are prevented from becoming reality by a well trained maid.   Wash day blues for Maid Jane, but it would be a sin to keep a nice girl like her in doors all day.   Mrs Silk takes time out to have fun on her business trip and bring back a special treat for you girls.   Nephew to Maid. My Nephew arrives for a weekend and it doesn't take long before I have exactly where I want him.
tranny sissy service maid   sissy slut domination   Wh I serve the Mistress   mrs silk dominatrix
Sweet little Juliette sheds a tear at her last special meeting with the Mistresses, her Victorian dream.   One of my dearest maids who loyally served in the background for years due to her shy nature.   Maid Jane trembling at what she thinks the terrible Mistresses have in store for her later.   Waiting to accept my guests. Tonight I have 5 male friends attending to one poor sissy maid. (lucky girl)
dominatrix maid on maid   negligee silk satin   forced fem nephew   see through negligee
I bide my time to teach the maid that wearing a bell without her tampon is not tolerated.   Thousands of photographs of me in beautiful frilly, satin and silk lingerie, just for you.  

Mrs Silk, whilst waiting for her daughter, takes the opportunity to train an early guest- to his surprise!

  The Mistress Supreme wearing wonderful creations from her vast wardrobe for you to admire.
stockings suspenders silk   Christams In Service   femdom strapon slave   crime and punishment
See my vintage collection of lingerie, negligees, silk stockings, suspenders and finest corsets.   Irene is first scolded when she lets herself down then gives Mrs Silk a fulfilling pleasurable evening!   Being Christmas time, a novel gift is thought up for the new Mistress, and boy what fun they had with it !   Stocks and a ball gag all while blind folded. Mistress Kaisha has something special for this sissy.

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